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I love that you can clearly see Evans go “SHIT” and Stan go “WOW” and Scarlett definitely reacts, but then plays it off like it’s no big deal. 

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Infamous 3rd year “My father will hear about this” Draco refusing to participate in Lupin’s class on boggarts because the whole thing is ridiculous but when it’s his turn he walks up to the wardrobe and Lucius Malfoy steps out


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imagine the avengers realizing that bucky's basically been calling steve a twink every time he says punk and losing their shit (sorry if this has already been done)


"guess who read up on 30s brooklyn slang last night," tony announces gleefully at breakfast. natasha and clint are the only other avengers there today, which steve is incredibly grateful for

"shit," steve says, turning to glare at bucky

"barnes here has been calling our fearless leader a twink this whole time and thought we wouldn’t find out! ha! game over iron giant!”

there’s a beat of silence during which steve bangs his head on the table while bucky looks smug, then natasha says, “wait a minute, tony did you not know that already?”

tony’s smile drops off his face. “what”

"did you really just now think to look it up? he’s been calling steve a "punk" for months," clint says, shoving lucky charms in his mouth and grinning

"well i - i mean, y’know i’ve been, uh, i’ve had a lot on my mind lately," tony splutters unconvincingly

"whatever," clint responds, although it comes out more like "wruevr" since he’s speaking through a mouthful of cereal

"ugh, you guys - and natasha! - are no fun. i’m gonna go change the future of our world with science, don’t wait up

the moment the door swings shut behind tony, natasha and clint look at steve and bucky intently

"you owe us," natasha tells them bluntly, peeling an apple with a throwing star

"wait," bucky says, eyebrows coming together in a confused little furrow, "so did you guys not know what punk meant or…?"

"we didn’t know until tony told us just now, but we did know that tony would be an ass about it if we didn’t neutralize the situation, so. you’re welcome”

bucky just looks at natasha wonderingly. “you’re amazing”

she chews thoughtfully on a bite of apple, swallows and grins. “i know”

July 30 2014, 3pm


Uh, one night my dog leaned against a wall because his back legs decided that they were done. And those kinds of stories never end well and this one wasn’t going to be different. We put him down the next day.

I’m a writer and that is the first and easiest trick we all have. Uh, it’s true, so it’s not cheap. It happened. Lying is kind of the cheapest trick of all, but still to come out here and lead off with my dog died is uhm, about as courageous as taking a stand against child abuse. But I did it because I want you on my side and I only have 4 minutes.

His name was Captain Applejack because he spent for year in the dog navy and would not be called mister. And anytime a dog owner says, “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” The answer is always Captain Applejack.

I was actually on a deadline so I did what writers do and I compartmentalized. I stuffed it into a box and put it next to the other boxes marked, like, dad issues, and high school crushes and then I got on with my day. Uhm. I write comic books and my career was ending so I wanted to meet my deadlines. My worm had turned in the way that the worm turns for people in popular entertainment. There’s no retirement plan where I come from. There’s just one day people stop calling and the work stops coming. You don’t get hired anymore.

I was launching a book called Hawkeye and if you saw the Avengers movie he was the guy… he was the first archer in the history of cinema to run out of arrows. Which is a very kind of true moment for him. He’s the regular dude in the avengers. And as a kid I always liked him because he was the regular guy. He came from Iowa. I lived in Iowa for God’s sake! It just seemed to make so much sense. He was a bad guy who made good. And he would like, drop his g’s when he spoke and he’d get so wrapped up in his thinking he’d get lost in like their super mansion and stuff. He was very human and he got to be an Avenger and that’s what I liked about him and now it was my chance to write him. This is before the avengers movie come out and they were looking for opportunities to make that cast of heroes a little more visible.

When you work for someone like Marvel it’s a shared universe where everyone is playing with the same toys in this strange imaginative game all at once. And because of the movie and because of a couple of other things, Hawkeye was everywhere as I was supposed to launch my book. And I could sense that there were people that wanted him here and wanted him there: “Well I’ve got him on the moon on Tuesday, and you’ve got him underwater on Wednesday, what is he doing on Thursday?” And that I decided would be my take. My book is what he does on Thursdays when he’s not an Avenger. It’s where he goes… my book was going to be about where he goes to change his pants. It was going to be very slice of life, small ball kind of stories.

It was supposed to last 6 issues and it’d be done. And nobody thought it would do better than that because it has never as a character ever done better than that. It was… and then I’m putting him, you know, in pants in an apartment building it was commercial suicide. But as my career was ending I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by writing books that I would want to read.

But my dog was dead and my first issue wasn’t happening and I wanted to cry and be alone and be sad and grieve and mourn but I had this stupid comic book that I had to write. And I had the ‘what happens’ but I didn’t have what it’s about. I knew in this Hawkeye story we were going to meet him on Thursday afternoon when he’s not an avenger and there’s a neighbor in his building who’s getting kicked out and what Hawkeye is going to do is he’s going to buy the building so she doesn’t get kicked out. Cause he had a bunch of… yeah I know, right? Dynamite, dynamite stuff!

And I came up with these kind of tricks, if I’m going to do this small ball stuff, like, there’s an issue where he just wants to buy tape. There’s an issue where he just wants to hook up his DVR and people keep bugging him. And he’s… so… Like, small things and I came up these different things I was going to do, we’ll tell the stories all out of order, and we’ll do this and that and in a way to kinda keep it compelling… and try to keep it compelling and keep it interesting a little more than just: “This issue Hawkeye buys tape.”

The honest truth was I didn’t care about the building or Hawkeye or the neighbor getting kicked out ‘cause of my dog. And then I pulled out my first trick. And I gave him a dog.

Yeah. So when Captain Applejack was a puppy I found him under a car. And he was so sick and so little and uh… so mangy I didn’t know if he was very young and very sick or very old and about to die. He was wrinkly. So I gave him to Hawkeye. I gave him this beat up mutt who was neglected and ignored. And as I started to kind of write and give him this kind of emotional thing he was connected to, like, the character’s anima appeared. That was it, it wasn’t a hawk it was a dog. And then I got the book. I understood what the book was. I knew what happens. I knew what it was about. And if I couldn’t save Captain Applejack, Hawkeye could save Lucky.

Spoilers, the dog lives.

So I wrote it in a single day. I wrote it… it was a very bad, very sad day, but I wrote it in a day. And it comes out, and the response is impossible to ignore. And I do my very, very best to ignore response at all, at all costs. But a fandom roared, or barked as the case may be, and like we started to immediately get fan art and crafts. While Hawkeye might not have the best sales in the world I’ve met literally everyone reading the book and they were dressed. Uh, but it’s he’s just wearing pants so it’s super easy, it’s pants and bandages. My editor said “People love the dog” so it’s the dog. And this entire corner in my career was turned.

If I said ‘miraculous’ it would actually insult real miracles but I don’t know what else to say. I was on my way out the door but it turned out the door was revolving and I was right back in and my entire life turned around. And everything in my career exploded off of this book. I tried to save my dog, and he saved me.



Matt Fraction (x)

I can’t stop crying.

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Not gonna lie: tearing up over here. (If you HAVEN’T read Fraction’s Hawkeye book, run and do that RIGHT NOW.)

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oh my god someone take photoshop away from me 

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I am not a hero // a fanmix for a lonely radio host and his lost scientist
art by bakalucjan.tumblr.com
come home // onerepublic painting flowers // all time low say something // a great big world come back // pearl jam the call // regina spektor from where you are // lifehouse half light // athlete wait for me // theory of a deadman the scientist // coldplay your call // secondhand serenade closer // the tiny


I am not a hero // a fanmix for a lonely radio host and his lost scientist

art by bakalucjan.tumblr.com

come home // onerepublic
painting flowers // all time low
say something // a great big world
come back // pearl jam
the call // regina spektor
from where you are // lifehouse
half light // athlete
wait for me // theory of a deadman
the scientist // coldplay
your call // secondhand serenade
closer // the tiny

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it’s okay, Carlos, it’s hard to make pancakes when you’re distracted by sleepy boyfriends in cute pajamas

(drawn mostly because everything I’ve drawn for like a month has been really sad, and also because I’m forcing myself to doodle kisses until one of them turns out okay)

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*high pitched screaming*

vine idea from [x]

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http://confringo-.tumblr.com/post/92328571161/padfootdidit-teddy-lupin-wearing-rumpled-band ↗


teddy lupin wearing rumpled band shirts beneath unbuttoned checked shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows

teddy lupin with a moon tattoo on his neck that changes with the lunar cycle

teddy lupin with an undercut

teddy lupin with blue hair that changes shade every…

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I came out as a queer during football practice when my coach was like “son, you’re having trouble throwing straight” and I replied “I’m also having trouble being straight”. It got very quiet and then coach just shook his head and said “throw the damn ball, Cooper”

i have been laughing for 3 million years

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why do straight guys say “no homo” like our species is called homo sapiens we are literally all homo

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"But his [Cecil’s] voice is so nice that after a while you just accept it. He says there’s no Thursday and you just think ‘Okay, whatever you say.’"

   — My Grandmother, upon listening to Welcome to Night Vale (via owlmylove)